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>> some fourth graders getting an advance lesson on cheating from their teacher. a teacher in gilbert, arizona, handing out a homework assignment on infidelity. the students were asked to read a passage about a wife who finds
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another woman's hair clip under her bed and then describes what is likely happening and what should be done. the teacher quickly apologized after parents complained saying she hadn't actually read the entire assignment. now, we don't know what that means. who wrote the assignment if not the teacher? there was this. the students complete the assignment with one suggesting the husband had cheated and was in big trouble. it could be that or a situation like janice, who, when her baby was little, he loved to play with her hair, so she put a little hair clip, like a clip of hair in his clip, and he loved to play with it. could be totally innocent. not help out the cheaters of the world. >> speaking of real situations in babies, are you trying to produce a basketball team? >> it's only three. i don't know. a couple months ago when i started doing a story on baby
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boys you said, i thought you were going to announce a pregnancy, and it was any little secret at the time but you picked right up on it. >> shepard: congratulations. we're happy for you. today, the country muck star mindy mcmccready, dade today, and looks say it looks like she killed herself. the daughter of a world war ii vet says she knew her father was a medal of honor recipient and a war hero, but now she finally has he medal to prove it. along with so much more. surprise discovery ahead, and danicka patrick, wow! steps on the guess and smashes through the glass ceiling at the finish lean at daytona. that's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." >> but first from fox at 3:00.
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a tragic end to a troubled life. police in arkansas report a country music star named mindy mccready, who famously linked he was to the baseball great roger clemens, apparently shot herself in the head. this came after more than a decade of very public highs and very lows, which started with her huge '90s hit, "guys do it all the time." ♪ shep. she behind the smiles in public, friends say she was dealing with all sort0s personal problems. drug abuse, arrests, even attempted suicide. then last month her boyfriend apparently killed himself. police say they found that singer's body in the same spot where the boyfriend died. the pair had a baby boy just ten months old. machine dimccready grabbed headlines in '08 when she claimed to have a long-time relationship've roger chem --
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clemens. they met when she was 15 and he was married. he denied any relationship. we're live in the texas newsroom this afternoon. she also had some public disputes over custody of her kids. >> she did, and it all went back to the same thing. these drug and alcohol addiction stories we have heard in 2011, she got into some pretty hot water when she kidnapped her oldest son from her mother's home in florida. her mother was that boy's legal guardian at the time. she took him and fled to arkansas, where authorities later found them, and then just weeks ago, her father telling a judge that his daughter was no longer taking care of herself or her two boys because of her substance abuse. at that time her two boys were put in foster care. through the years she made tearful apologies to the fans and the court. >> i can only say i'm sorry in
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the hope you can give me a chance to make things right as i can possibly make them. and i can promise this court, that if i'm given a chance i will mange make the same mistakes. >> we now know that was a promise she didn't keep. >> shepard: casey, anything from roger clemens? reporter: he talked today at spring training in florida for the houston astros and he said in a statement, i'm reading here: i had heard over time that she was trying to get peace and direction in her life. the few time is had met her and he manager slash agent they were extremely nice. now, that's downplaying his relationship to her a bit because at the time that new york daily news report came ute back in 2008, his own attorney described mccready as a long-time friend of the clemens family. shep? >> shepard: casey, thanks very much. let's get the blade runner case
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now. we're learning more about the evidence that turned up at the home of oscar pistorius, who now stand accused of murdering his supermodel government. that evidence includes steroids, alcohol, and a bloody cricket bat. prosecutors say the south frequently sprinter shot his girlfriend, riva, four times last week on valentine. the double amputee leapt in court. now new clues. a source says police found steroids in the printer's homes, steroids and signs of heavy drinking, and another newspaper reports a blood-soaked cricket bat is the critical piece of evidence. their girlfriend's skull was also crashed. cricket bats are heavier than and wider than baseball bats. let's get the coverage on this
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now. an attorney is here to talk about it. first, let's get to jonathan hunt. jonathan, police made it very clear fromle almost the get-go they're very confident in this game. >> they never bought the self-defense their rhythm have shot it down at every turn. they're looking at the cricket back which was covered in blood. questions, though, was it the blood of riva steep -- steenkamp or the blood of oscar pistorius. did she use it to defend herself or did he use it to attack her, and then shoos her four times. once after she was in the bathroom and then after she was in the bathroom, shooting the the locked doors. and they've ordered a drug test to final out whether he had used the steroids recently. whether there is was a case of roid rage, and if that was any rage involved here, did it have anything to do with a text his girlfriend allegedly got late
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that night from the south african star rugby player, francois. is that perhaps what tipped this all off francois retweeted a picture of him with reef staff steenkamp in which he said paying contribute to a beautiful friend in better times. >> shepard: big problems withsponsors. reporter: he sass some big sponsors, nike, bt, the internet provider and phone company. oakley, the suns glasses maker. nike produced the so-called bullet in the chamber ad. they now pulled that and say said they have no plans to involve pistorius in any future ads at this time but they have not cancelled their contract with him as his agent pointed out earlier. listen. >> i can confirm at this point in time all sponsors are still onboard and have given us a commitment towards oscar.
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based on the relationships they have formed with him over the past year and they are quite happy to allow the legal process to take its course before the make any other announcements. reporter: we should emphasize, the pistorius has denied murder. his family say this was all about self-defense. he merely mistake his girlfriend for an intruder. we'll find out more about that argument from his attorneys when his bail hearing begins tomorrow. >> shepard: what will the prosecution be putting before the jury? nothing. with us now trial attorney richmond ross. they don't use a trial by jury. this will be a judge and a judge alone in south africa. >> that's right. the ultimate decision will be made by a judge and a judge alone. the judged have two advisers but the south african system is based on the dutch system which does not have jurors.
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it will be a trial by a judge. the evidence is pretty overwhelming. she goes over there at 6:30. 1:30 in the morning the neighbors her loud screaming. 3:20, there's one shot. the shots didn't go four in a row. that was one shot, hesitation, and three more shots and he said that day that he thought it was a burglar. you have a burglar hiding in a bathroom with a cricket bat with blood all over it and four bullet shots. it's pretty overwhelming from what we know. tomorrow, as jonathan said, tomorrow and wednesday we'll learn more with the entail plea hearing. >> this man, this superstar athletey's family is insis tent not that he didn't kill her but the premeditate murder charge is way too much. >> they are and they have a heck of a road to climb. the evidence right now is overwhelming. i would expect them to say nothing but that. but the bottom line is that we'll know it all tomorrow because tomorrow there will be a hearing for bail and hearing for plea, and the issue of bail is whether or not he is a flight risk and the seriousness of the
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crime here. we have a very serious crime. we have a potential premeditated murder. so there's a very good chance he either stays in jail or a high bail amount set for him. >> shepard: somewhat rare to get this amount of evidence before the public prior to even a bond hearing or bail hearing. is it normal under their system? >> it's not normal. the reason why this has attracted such attention is because of who we have. he is an international star and she is a south african star, model, actress, on a reality tv show, so the two combined are just bringing a tremendous amount of attention to south africa and the world. >> shepard: this reality tv show is still running and it has another six weeks left on it run, and she is one of the stars of it. a woman speaking from the grave. >> they actually ran the first one a couple nights ago with the family's permission, and it is odd. it's sort of eerie that you're having a reality tv show for as
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a woman who is no longer with it. tomorrow, at the same time as the bail hearing, she will be buried so. it's a very an unrealistic day that is happening in the lives of those families. >> shepard: thank you. >> thank you. >> we're getting a look now at the president's first concrete proposals to fix the immigration system. now, the white house insists this isn't a plan. that are working on a plan. but what looks very much like a plan, and under it illegal immigrants could become u.s. citizens in less than a decade. republicans in washington say there is no way they'll let this thing happen but the white house is saying we're not putth before you now anyway. plus, the study that may settle the debate about alcohol and cancer. looks like we're all going to die. but even a couple drinks a day raises your risk of cancer. a it's bran new study with surprising findings and we'll get to all of them today.
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>> breaking news now. some very serious weather in east texas. let's get to the extreme weather center, around houston. >> just outside of houston, texas, tornado warnings, no watch box yet but we are starting to see a line of thunderstorms develop and rotation associated with that, and you can see we have severe thunderstorm warnings through oklahoma, in towards arkansas, and there's the toward warnings just out of houston. so, these storms are moving east. part of a cold front that is going to continue to push east overnight and you can see the severe weather threat. all of these storms erupting in the last hour or so, through texas, and louisiana, up towards arkansas, this will be an ongoing situation. i assume they're probably going to put a tornado watch out for
12:17 pm
the area. very warm in dallas. 77 in san antonio. in the next six to 12 hours temperatures are going to drop 20 to 30 degrees overnye lows in dallas, 46. we have the cold air lining up and smashing into reallyr mass,s giving us a threat for tornadoes. the other side of this is blizzard conditions. so when the cold side of the storm we have snow flying, ten to 12-inches of know? a very short period of time, and blizzard conditions for parts of the northern plains and upper midwest right here we can see wind gusts in excess of 40 miles-per-hour, making travel virtually impossible. we'll keep you posted on the warnings through fox tonight. >> shepard: extreme day for sure. janice, thank you. the white house is now denying that it leaked a draft proposal on immigration over the weekend.
12:18 pm
said, we didn't do that. sure, we're coming up with plan but we didn't leak anything. comes after several republican lawmakers blast the thing. word of the white house draft first surfaced over the weekend in usa newspaper. itle says i includes an eight-year path to citizen ship. g.o.p. lawmakers ad they're looking with democrats on a plan. marco rubio released a statement that reads in part. i the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress, leaving us with up secured borders and a broken illegal immigration system for years to come. the he white house chief of says the president wants to be prepared with a backup plan in case that bipartisan group of lawmakers fails to come up with something. not that washington ever fails to come up with anything. don't get me wrong. we're live on the north lawn at the white house this afternoon. a leak, a trial balloon?
12:19 pm
reporter: folks say day were surprised what they characterized as an early draft was leaked. they reached out to senators on both sides of the aisle to tell them but some republicans aren't buying it, senator john mccain suggests the leak was planned. senator rand paul of kentucky says he is not convinced the president wants to sign a immigration reform bill. >> people don't ever really want to pass them because they would no longer have the republicans to blame. so they set themselves up for failure by putting something up that is untenable. reporter: senator paul says he is willing to figure out a compromise as long as it starts with border security. >> shepard: where is the white house on this? reporter: the president's aides say the border has never been more secure. twice as many agents as ten years ago, and attempted illegal crossings at their lowest level. some suggest the focus on security is intended to distract attention from the path to citizenship that the president says must be part of the bill.
12:20 pm
the president had already said he would have a backup plan in case lawmakers failed to come up with their own plan, and his chief of staff took a shot at marco rubio for warning the obama policeman would be dead on arrival if propoised. >> let's make sure the group up there, the gang of eight, makes a good progress on these evidents as much as they say they want to. >> rubio says the president never met -- met with him on immigration reform. the staff is working for member office both parties. >> shepard: 196 miles an hour. is that enough to silence danicka's critics? she has just made history in daytona beach. her huge win. that's next. oh this is lame, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees.
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>> shepard: 22 minute pass the hour. racing star danicka patrick scored the top spot in the doonts 500. a first for any woman racer ever. in fact she is the first woman to score the pole position in any sprint cup race. at it patrick's biggest career accomplishment to date. no question. she covered the two and a half mile track in just about 45 seconds. and an average speed, pushing 200-miles-an-hour. the only other driver to come close was a guy named jeff gordon, who has won four times. it's a huge accomplishment for danicka patrick no doubt who has been struggling since she gave up indycar racing for nascar. yesterday she gave credit to her whole team. >> i'm proud of all the hard work that going into making a pole car. it's not just turning left. it's so many other things. all the attention to detail these guys put in over the
12:25 pm
winter, hendrick gave me a great engine. >> shepard: some people need to shut up. her critics need to be silence. that say she is more famous for her gender and looks rather than racing ability, which sounds sexist and wrong in 2013. it's actually winning the race that counts. something we'll have to wait until sunday to see. and now we have the sports editor at the daily wow. >> wow indeed. most people know danicka patrick from super bowl commercials, go daddy, to so to see her doing something on the ran that you can say, this is an accomplishment. she is the first woman to win the poll bought she beat out jeff gordon. that's a great accomplishment. >> the anna kornikova references with good away. >> if she does well, winning the pole, but you have to good back
12:26 pm
to janet guthrie, back to 1980 to find a woman who finished in the top 20. so this is a great accomplishment for her. great p. r. for the sport itself. richard petty, who was not very kind to women or danicka patrick said this is a great p.r. win for the support, and it shows that it's inclusive of everyone. >> shepard: i don't remember the last time the daytona 500 was talked about six days in advance all over the place. >> exactly, and it's being spoken about in great regard mace had this great time not like she squeaked out. she best the best of the best, jeff gordon, and right now she is in the spot. is confident, has great team behind her, great engine, the entire team effort, she has hendrick, tony stewart behind her so this points to a good race for her. >> shepard: the pieces are all there the sport has been bumpy lately. one is out to get another a lot it appears to a casual fan. >> it does, and even with her she has had her run-ins with
12:27 pm
other drivers after races, spinouts, crashes. it's really cutthroat and not just trying to make your place, to win some prize money. you're talking about the top guys going at it, and it's a cutthroat sport, and when you got guys like jimmie johnson and jeff gordon nipping at your heels, race in and race out they're at the top so you have to put your best foot forward. >> shepard: partly cloudy and 80 in daytona, going to be hot. >> hot for the spectators and on the track. going close to 200 miles-per-hour. >> shepard: sounds like great time. the daughter of a war hero reunited with her father's world war 2 medals. she said her family knew he had won a purple heart. but that was just one of several top military honors. pretty incredible story. details coming up. plus, both side are committing war crimes in syria. we'll get analysis from former ambassador to the u.n., bill
12:28 pm
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it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the daughter of a world war ii combat veteran just received her father's medals nearly 70 years after the war. she said she really never knew about her dad's second
12:32 pm
lieutenant. he died before she was born but she knew the army awarded him a purple heart for wounds understand battle. that medal went missing until four months ago when it turned up inside a box of n her father's personal items in an apartment building in west hollywood. other relatives lived in the building and the woman said the box likely got lost in the shuffle but researchers did a little digging and they made an even bigger discovery. trace gallagher is on the los angeles newsroom. he was among the soldiers most highly decorated in world war ii. >> yeah. it's a crazy story. purple hearts reunited is an organization that returns medals to v.a.s and they were doing research into the father. he wasn't just awarded the purple heart. he was also awarded the silver star for bravery. the military's third highest decoration, and he was awarded six other medals but his family didn't lose the silver star for ropes that nobody knows to this day, the military never told the
12:33 pm
family that marco was awarded the silver star. so now 68 years after her father died, the daughter he never metes celebrating his bravery. listen. >> it's such an honor to do this in his memory. i was named after him. this is tears of love and joy. it was a part of me i have always nope he was a wonderful person. reporter: she says her mother never spoke about her father at all because it was too painful. >> shepard: we're learning more about his historic acts. >> he died in italy in the closing days of world war ii. he was an patrol and they were ambushed by a german machine
12:34 pm
gun, lieutenant marco told his men to take cover and he alone went after the gunner. he was shot and wounded but kept on going, and he took out the machine gun. marco died from his wounds but saved his 30 men. purple hearts reunited says that's why it's so important that heroes get their medals and their due. listen. >> they are heroes. they serve in iraq, afghanistan, throughout history, and as americans we don't thank them enough. we should put them on a pedestal and thank them every day because of them we're free, and a lot of these guys paid the ultimate sack -- sacrifice. >> his wife passed away two weeksing a. >> the united nations investigators say leader0s both sides of the bloody self war in syria are committing war crimes. the investigators say syrian government rebels and -- i should say government officials and rebel leaders are committing
12:35 pm
violations, including murder, rape, and torture in the now year-long conflict that has killed an estimated 70,000 men, wimp and children. the main syrian opposition group says hezbollah has expand inside syria. they group claims more than a thousand of the fighters have entered syria over just the past days. joining us now the former new mexico governor and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson, nice to see you. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: i don't know if war crimes is a surprise but the refugee crisis is g serious. >> i think what is clear, though, is there are seven massacres that investigative u.t. team is reporting. five of them on the government side two on the rebel side, and most atrocities are coming from the government side, and what now has to happen, shep, for this to take effect, is the u.n.
12:36 pm
security council is -- needs to refer these cases of war crimes to the international criminal court, and that means that the u.s., france, britain, russia, and china, have to agree, and what's going to be a problem maybe is what will russia do? bay they traditionally have been tied to the current syrian government. what will china do? so it's still not a done deal. but very powerful u.n. investigator, karla del pointe, win after and mill lows victim indicted. >> shep even if you were able to get the russians on board and they would say, yes, war crimes on both sides, what does that do to stop the killing? >> well well, the internal court has a great holly pulpit.
12:37 pm
it doesn't have the able to stop the killings. that's up to the security council the permanent members, and my hope, shep, is that -- i would like to see -- i think u.s. policy has been good, but maybe the time has come to help the other side, the opposition groups, the rebels, with some weaponry, some training. >> shepard: is that what you're advocating? >> i think we need to step up to that plate now. i think the atrocities are so huge, there's talk of chemical weapons being used. i just think the time has come to turn it up a bit. not american troops. not massive military assistance. but training and weapons to some of the opposition. i think the time has come. the a i i i -- atrocities or horrendous, there's a refugee crisis and everything pointing to a huge massacre in the days
12:38 pm
ahead. >> shepard: the history books are filled with instances where we gave weapons to rebels groups, weapons that were turned on us, this is a slippery slope, is it not, sir? >> it is but i think the time has come, we have provided humanitarian assistance. i'm talking about defensive weapons. i'm talking about a limited cache of military supplies about the time has come -- not just us. i'm talking about the surrounding companies, security council members, other countries have participated already. qatar, sought diarraya, but if we take a step in that direction, it's going to send a very important signal. >> shepard: all right, governor richardson, ambassador, nice to see you, sir. thanks so much. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: domestic matters now and what is more important than food. some school districts have dropped out of the federal school lunch program because the officials say the kids were
12:39 pm
throwing away the healthier meals. the program gets participating schools food and funding in exchange for limiting calories and providing healthy options like low fat milk and fruit and vegetables. one official in upstate new york says the district had to scrap it because the kids either stopped buying lunch at school or simply tossed most of the fresh food in the trash. the program is part of a healthy hunger-free kids, a, which the president signed into law in 2010. the aim is to filed childhood obesity, which is an enormous problem. according to the cdc, some 17% of americans under the age of 0 20 are obese but that doesn't hold for all places across at the country. they're not fat and want to do it their own we. >> one school district said it lost 30 grand in the program on the first quarter and can't afford to serve foods the students won't buy or eat. the regulations-designed to
12:40 pm
reduce childhood obesity and requires cav tier ya to serve more fruit and smaller ontrays, half aisles -- half a slice of pizza, in some districts up to half the kids stopped buying meals, creating a deficit of tens of thousands of dollars. >> i understand what the government was trying to do. my problemes i can't force a kid to eat their fruits and vegetables and when that take a 31 credibility -- 31-cent apple that and throw it in the garbage. >> several districts opting out. >> i think the legislation was well-intended. and at the macro level, the national level, yes, there's a childhood obesity issue. yes, there's a lack of childhood exercise, yes, this is a national health issue, but at the local level it doesn't always apply. >> in areas with high poverty levels they depend on federal sub days to pay for the meals and can't afford to opt out.
12:41 pm
the u.s. department of agriculture says usda encourages the fuel eligible school stricts that have chosen not to participate in the program to take steps to ensure all children still have access to healthy affordable meals in the school day. the vast majority of school districts are still taking part so you can get your vegetables. >> shepard: news from the booze world. people who disstill makers mark are not going to water it down after all. they're not going decrease the alcohol level in their bourbon. thank goodness. doctors say even moderate drinkers are risking cancer. this i a new study. how much of a risk now from even moderate drinking? details on the two stories. the makers' mark, the more interesting one.
12:42 pm
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>> shepard: the good folks behind makers mark burbon has learned not to mess with the customers. last week the producers of makers mark announced it would reduce the alcohol content of its lick car from 90 proof to 84 proof. they said it was to meet global demand. jerry is with us. >> didn't work. >> shepard: that's dumb. >> some people were describing this as brand suicide. nothing like an announcement like this to give people the willies. they're apologizing today. they said we're humbled by your overwhelming response. this is your brand and you told to us change our decision. you spoke, we lisped, we're sincerely sorry. take a look at the picture showing you, we have the proof back.
12:46 pm
>> shepard: send a case and we might get over it. is it going to cost now? there was a shortage? >> the owners have been through this 20 times before where they didn't have enough supply. what they typically do -- what they typically do is don't raise prices. when you have shortages -- that's what will happen here. there could be shortages of maker's mark, which means you need to move to jack daniel's. >> or bullet. >> never heard of it. >> try it. works very well at baseball games. we had a great time, little burbon, too. but we have more news that will get you talking around the bar. a new study reports that alcohol can cause cancer. even if you just drink a little bit. the report came out last week. but we're just now seeing details. according to researchers at the national cancer enconstitute, alcohol was to blame for as many as 21,000 cancer deaths in '09. that's the year they did the study. the majority of those deaths
12:47 pm
were among people who had three alcoholic drinks per day. but a third of those deaths seem to be among people who average one and a half drinks a day. that's like lay's potato chips you. can't do that. a lot of deaths but nothing compared to other known causes of cancer like smoke, doctors say cigarettes kill 100,000 people a year and alcohol deaths is a traction of -- fraction of those. let bring in dr. neil from the university hospital in cleveland. good to see you, doc. i guess we're not supposed to drink? >> well, you know, this is one of the many risk factors that have been described for a variety of types of cancer, and it is a risk factor that we have control over. and so everybody's got a -- to weigh the potential benefits of a behave, like having a few drinks, versus the potential
12:48 pm
harm, which in this particular study show that alcohol can account for cancer deaths. >> shepard: stress is a big factor in deaths, too isn't it? >> stress? >> shepard: yep. >> well, there's -- >> shepard: without the alcohol i'll be stressed out. >> it's really tough to put a number on the number of deaths caused by stress, particularly with regard to cancer. certainly opposite you have a diagnosis of cancer, your level of stress can impact how you deal with that diagnosis, and what your subsequent outcome is. but if you're trying to associate drinking with reduction in stress, again, one has to weigh the potential benefits of a particular behave against the potential cost. >> shepard: doctor, they used to sea everything in moderation -- i'm sorry -- re used to sea everything in moderation but it
12:49 pm
sounds like what this is saying is not everything. >> right. so, one of the points that came out in the study is that even small amounts of daily alcohol use seem be to associated with an increased risk of dying from cancer. so in this particular study, it showed that the drinking three drinks per day had a higher risk, but a drink and a half per day on average also had an increased risk of cancer. >> shepard: all right, doc, thanks for the great news. appreciate it. >> glad to be here. >> shepard: i guess what they're saying is three drinks a day is a lot. >> one and a half drinks apparently a lot. shep what are we supposed to do now? >> three drinks a minute is not enough. >> shepard: for instance now when you're the only one working on presidents' day. >> exactly. >> effect that of a brit. >> shepard: hugo chavez is back at home after fighting cancer.
12:50 pm
the homecoming was nothing like ones in the past. no photos no videos and it's raise gun questions about the venezuelan leader's health. plus, scientists sampling for pieces of the meteor have some competition, souvenir hunters. that's coming up. over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen.
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>> shepard: the venezuelan president who once famously called president bush the devil, reportedly made a surprise home from cuba ten weeks after leaving for cancer surgery. state television reporthis mornt did not provide any pictures. no video, no nothing. president chavez's twitter account tweeted he would coin his treatment in venezuela.
12:54 pm
he has been almost complete he out of public sight since the middle of december hitches inauguration was supposed to take place last month but it's been postponed indefinitely. steve is live in our south florida newsroom. are we sure any of this is true? reporter: no we're not sure any of it is true. it's amazing how much we don't know about this story. you have the president of a nation of 30 million people, the world's largest reserves of oil, big sell are of oil to the u.s., completely disappeared for ten weeks at a time. goes to another country to have major operations, and slips back into his own country at 2:30 in the morning. we are being told he has been taken to a military hospital and we're not sure he can even talk at this stage. he has breathing tube in his throat and we don't know what kind of cancer he has had. >> shepard: it's not as if he is going back to actively running the country, is he? reporter: they haven't been able to hold the inauguration yet. he was elected in october after 14 years of running venezuela.
12:55 pm
he told the voters he was completely cured but they haven't been able to set a date for the inauguration. many people think he has come back to manage the transition to get his vice-president, former bus driver in power before he leaves the scene. >> shepard: sounds just perfect. steve in south florida, thanks very much. >> a raging wildfire destroyed self buildings including at least one home and is thenning to close in on a major city. this is less than 15 miles outside the heart of melbourne australia. look at this, coming up here. that's roo. this already this year, the one-two punch, bone-dry conditions and some of the hottest temperatures in the decade have triggered the worst fire season in australiays history. >> folks in russia are looking to cash in on the meteor explosion which injure more than a thousand people.
12:56 pm
souvenir hunters have been scouring russia's ural mountain region. sales of supposed fragments have been filling up the internet. the russian police are warning they could be fake. meantime, scienceties found more 50 of the fragments and plan to test them to find out what the rock was made of. science 'tis at mass estimate it was 10,000 tons flying across the sky at 19 mills a second. exploded with the power of 30 atomic bombs. shattered glass, damaged buildings, left 1500'em in the end injured. >> hackers targeted some of the most sensitive government computer systems and several of the world's biggest banks. now it's getting serious. they apparently just breached burger king. that's next.
12:57 pm
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